The alpha group

The alpha group

In 2006, Darrel Toulon and Herwig Baumgartner founded the alpha group in Graz, to develop and carry out experimental interdisciplinary creations and performances. Originally building on classical academic and contemporary dance, experimental music and video art, new ways and methods were explored to take up challenges with the merged skills of the various invited artists, to tread new paths to turn visions into reality. the alpha group is a platform where the individual abilities of the artists are used in the best possible way to jointly develop new works of art in a collaborative creative process. Under the artistic direction of Darrel Toulon, some 30-plus guest artists have been invited from several disciplines to join in the creative process and presentation of a diverse range of projects, many of which have been site-specific. Performances, residencies, and workshops have been held internationally, with locations and venues ranging from Think-Tanks, Festivals and Theatres in Europe to an Artistic Academy in Dominica (Caribbean).


Artistes who have appeared with the alpha group include:

Alberto Franceschinni, dancer

Ardee Dionisio, dancer

Areti Palouki, dancer

Balint Hajdu, dancer

Benjamin Griffiths, dancer

Boris Mihaljcic, musicianE-violin

Bostjan Ivanjsic, dancer

Carole Alston, singer, vocal coach

Catherine Guerin, choreographer

Celia Ha, dancer

Challyce Brogdon, dancer

Christoph List, singer, counter-tenor

Clemens Klug, musician, organ

Clemmie Sveas, dancer

Daniel Doujenis, actor

Eric Burroughs, dancer

Filip Szatarski, dancer

Gerhard Nierhaus, composer

Gregor Lustek, dancer

Helge-Björn Meyer, dramaturg, performer

Jana Drgonova, dancer

Jessica Moretto, dancer

Julia Mach, dancer

Jura Wanga, dancer

Livia Hyllova, dancer

Lore Janssens, dancer

Magali Moreau, dancer

Marie-Luise Jaska, dancer

Maurizio Nobili, musician, arranger, composer, musical director

Michal Rynia, dancer

Michal Zabavik, dancer

Nastja Remec, dancer

Natsu Satsaki, dancer

Nori Aoki, dancer

Olesja Hartmann, dancer

Pal Szepesi, dancer

Previn Moore, singer

Ralf Harster, dancer, actor

Reinhard Ziegerhofer, musician, double bass

Rosana Hribar, dancer

Tomas Danielis, dancer

Valentina Moar, dancer

Vesna Petkovic, singer

Vibeke Andersen, costume and stage designer

William Süll, dancer

Yiyi Wang, dancer

Xianghui Zeng, dancer


  • 2005 mutabor 1. Steierische Künstlerfest, List Halle, Graz
  • 2006 winding Hans List Platz, Graz
  • 2006 The Creative Process: the Choreographer’s Point of View European Forum Alpbach (Seminar)  

Founding of the alpha group, Graz 2006

  • 2006 rondo Galerie Meštrović – Zagreb
  • 2006 just thirty minutes Choreographic Centre – Linz
  • 2007 timextensions TanzIst – Dornbirn
  • 2008 Begegnung Schloss Eggenberg – Graz
  • 2008 Workshop – The Body in Motion Pro Scientia Sommerakademie – Matrei am Brenner
  • 2009 strands TanzIst – Dornbirn, TanzArt Ost West – Giessen
  • 2010 last fragments TanzArt Ost West – Giessen
  • 2011 kalt Odeon Tanz III – Vienna, TanzArt Ost West – Giessen
  • 2012 burns Tanz in den Minoriten – Graz
  • 2013 schiz Tanz in den Minoriten – Graz, Theater Kiel, ProART Festival – Brno
  • 2014 Tanz in den Minoriten – Graz, TanzArt Ost West – Giessen
  • 2014 Your Stories, My Story Kosovo National Theater – Pristina
  • 2015 some moments with time #1 Tanz in den Minoriten – Graz,
  • 2015 Community Dance Production Through The Open Door – Graz – Admont – Liezen – Dornbirn – Basel
  • 2016 Juliet No Romeo Kosovo National Theater – Pristina – Graz
  • 2016 The Good Die Young Stadttheater Pforzheim
  • 2016 Interdisciplinary Project, Geschichten ohne Soldaten Zürich Hochschule der Künste – Zurich
  • 2017 The Long and Winding Road Kosovo National Theater – Pristina, International Bühnenwerkstatt – Graz
  • 2017 Confidentially Speaking Zürich Hochschule der Künste – Zurich
  • 2018 Artistic Academy: Oh Maria songs and stories of the survivors – Dominica