Gerd's Story, Lebensborn 2620 Norway

Gerd's Story, Lebensborn 2620 Norway

coming soon | July- August 2019 |

Gerd Fleischer, whose tall, blond elegance gives away little of the pain she has endured, ran away from home at the age of 13, and left Norway altogether when she turned 18. 

”I learned very soon that there was something very wrong with me, basically wrong with my blood.”

”I knew that if I were to become a whole person, I had to leave the country”.

They were the blue-eyed blonds born into a sinister SS scheme to further the Aryan race.

But the defeat of the Nazis left Norway’s ‘Lebensborn’ facing the vengeance of an entire nation.

Oslo, June 2018 – Gerd Fleischer, Lebensborn No 2620 agrees to contribute her story, and to be onstage, 
for the Prelude: Lebensborn No 2620.
Completing the cast will be RALF HARSTER and SAMUEL BARTUSSEK.
Dramaturgy: Helge-Björn Meyer

Photo © thealphagroup